Locking plates have immense importance in fracture surgical treatment. That is why we take high care in making the best quality locking plates. It helps orthopedic surgeons feel more confident and good about the surgery, and it helps the patients heal faster. We make the best quality locking plates, completely biocompatible, and in the most contemporary scientific ways with the help of our R&D team.


Fixing fractures internally through minor surgeries have become simplified with the advent of locking plates. Metaphysical fractures specially heal in a better way with the use of these plates. The way the screw locks inside the screw on the plate, and drills into the bone, completely locking the plate in position. Thus, it creates the huge support for the bone. Contrary to the principle of external fixator, this system works as an internal fixator.


The locking plates are not fixed directly onto the bone like conventional plates. Hence, the blood supply to the bone via the soft tissues inside the bone stays uninterrupted. Our locking plates are designed as per the bone type and body area. The exact shape compatibility is an advantage brought by the locking plates, which makes it easy for the orthopedic surgeon to fix them and find improved results.


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