Orthopedic Implants And Types of Products


Medical arena has experienced a remarkable growth in last few decades when lots of inventions have been done to deal with serious medical problems. Today, there are different types of medicines and devices to treat people with various kinds of illness and serious health conditions. One such problem which has found a solution today is to support damaged biological structure. People in hospitals with missing joint or damaged bone are advised for orthopedic implants. But unfortunately, not all are aware of orthopedic implants until when they or their close one come to the hospital with an accident or deformation bone issue.



Orthopedic Implants


It’s a boon of medical science and a great relief to people who have an injury where any bone inside their body gets damaged. An orthopedic implant can be described as a medical device or an invention of an advanced medical arena that can be used to replace a damaged bone or missing joint inside the body. After an accident damaging a bone, a human body has to follow the process of internal fixation where with the orthopedic implant, the damaged part in replaced. It is a surgical procedure to fix the damaged bone of injured person with an artificial product.


For example, orthopedic implants like bone plates and bone screws are used in the case of back pain. Here during the spinal fusion surgery, screws and plates are placed to repair the damaged or fractured sections. There are many other kinds of implants too, including pins and rods. In most of the cases, steel, titanium alloys with a coating of fine plastic are used to ensure that the artificial joints work well. The type of material used for surface implants is a biocompatible material so that the human body can accept it. It could be of materials like silicone, apatite or titanium. The kind of material for surface implants is decided by the surgeons considering what a body can accept.


Types of risks linked to orthopedic implants are breaking implants or becoming loose which may cause pain and infection in the body. But surgery by expert surgeons and usage of right kinds of products can eliminate the risks associated to it.



Orthopedic Implants- Products


As the procedure is linked to various kinds of damaged bone replacement, there are various kinds of products for different bones inside the human body. The products are:


Interlocking Nail: Long damaged bones or the ones with fracture are treated with these nails. During a surgery, the interlocking nails are placed inside the bone. To make them stay at their place, screws are used at the bone’s Proximal and Distal sections. Different types of interlocking nails include Perfect nails, Multifix nails, Easy Universal Nails, Proximal Femoral Nails and Humeral Nails.


Spinal System: The system includes Pedicle screw and hook along with around 5 mm rod. This also has Spinal Mesh, Cervical plates, OCT system and Minimally Invasive Systems to fix the cord.


Locking Plates: They are used to fix the bones like Humerus, Femur and Tibia, and to treat Osteomies and Nonunions. During Safety Locking Implants, plates with numeral holes are used where one hole-side is threaded to support screws. The method to place plates depends on the damaged bone.


Wires And Pins: To provide a good position to the damaged bone during the healing process, various types of instruments are used, wires, pins, nails and staples are among them. They hold the fractured bone and keep it in correct position. Their requirement and fixation depend on the injury a patient is having and the kind of bone with the fracture. Here, the surgeon decides the appropriate instruments to be used.


Trauma Plate: Instruments used in this scenario are: bone screws, plates, large and small fragment set, hip screws and locking plates. Their size depends on damage to the bone.


External Fixators: As the name suggests, they support and fix the bone externally. They are used to bind a damaged bone from the outside. Here, rods, clamps, pins and bars are also used. The fixators help the damaged section by supporting it and ensure that the fractured bone remains in its place during the healing process. The external fixation further contains various types of instruments, including Forearm and Metacarpal, Carbon Fixators, Tubular External Fixator, Universal External Fixator, Distal Radius External Fixator, Hoffman External Fixator and Rail Fixation System.


Foot Plates: These plates are used to fix the fractured bones of hand and foot. They come with holes with different sizes to heal various kinds of fractures. There are various kinds of these plates, and most common are: Straight Plate 2.0, Dynamic Compression Plate 2.0, L-Plate 2.0, Condylar Plate, T-Plate 2.0, Quarter Tubular Plate 2.7 with Collar, T-Plate 2.7, L-Plate 2.7, Dynamic Compression Plate 2.7 and Mini Fragment Instruments Set.


Maxillofacial Plate: These plates are used to fix facial fractures. These plates are of different types and sizes and are used depending on where they are going to be used. All of them are with holes and numbers can differentiate depending on their type and sizes.


General Instruments: They are various types of tools used by the experienced orthopedic implants surgeons to use during different types of bone-treating procedures. These are used to ensure that the material used to replace the fractured bone has been installed effectively. The category contains instruments, such as bone taps, drill bits, baskets, nibbler, bone-cutters, saw, skin, bone hook, periosteal elevators, bone levers, retractors, spreader, knee or skull surgery tools, reduction devices, sterilization tubes, tourniquet-manual and electronic, esmarch bandage and various kinds of other devices.



Orthopedic Implant Products Buying Guide    


As replacing fractured bone is a crucial and risk-associated procedure, it is necessary that only the right kind and high-quality screws, pins, plates and general instruments are used to support the bone during the healing process. They should be bought from a trusted supplier which is known for high-quality products and professional services. It should also be easy to contact the supplier and get detailed information on every product through a video or personal meeting.


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