In orthopedic surgeries, the plates for fingers, palm, and feet are highly important. They are needed for reconstruction of the broken, fractured, and damaged joints and fixing alignments of the bones of hands and feet. There are plates for all types of bone fracture and alignment treatments.

What we do while selling plates is that, we make it sure that the product quality is good and the finest for use in any medical facility or hospital in any part of the world. Our constant endeavor is in bringing to you orthopedic plates and implants, which are best as per globally acceptable medical quality and standards.

Plates are needed to fix bones of palm of hands, fingers, and the feet. The plates which you would use on other body parts, specially for internal long and thick bones are different from these foot and palm plates, which are made to be light weight, strong, and comply with the skilful and delicate movement of the limbs. That is why our finger, palm, and footplates are made specially to comply with these needs.

We sell finger, palm, and footplates of various sizes. Hence, here you can find compliant plates for patients of any age.


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