Interlocking nails are our specialty. We manufacture different types and sizes of interlocking nails for orthopedic surgeries and advanced treatments. Interlocking nails are used for locking or fixing two parts of a fractured bone, and keeping them fixed in a place. These are rods, which can be of any size and length to suit the need of the treatment. Often fractured bones are brought back to a healthy and functional state by propping them up with interlocking nails.


Normally, these nails are used for treatment of long bone fractures. Long bones need massive support, and the interlocking nails works great in keeping them locked at a fixed position. We are proud to present a huge variety. We also have necessary tools for working with these nails. So that your team of experts or surgeons in the hospital may work with full efficiency, we have designed nails in various long and short styles. They are precision engineered and are made corrosion resistant.


We have specific job and universal nails both and have proximal femoral nails, humeral nails, multifix nails, etc., which can be suited according to the purpose. We assure the best of quality for most asceptic conditions and good treatment.


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