Multi-axial locking plates are available in both plates and screw types, and both are needed in fixing and strengthening bones after a massive fracture. The multi-axial locking plates are available in many styles. Normally, they are preferred in either steel or titanium. We offer you the best quality in any style you want, be it economical steel plates or titanium ones.

We are aware of the high scale research going on worldwide for creating multi-axial locking plates that will create less surgical complications, will be more biocompatible, and would make the healing process faster. In this effort to create such high quality plates for treatment and emergency surgeries of distal radius fractures and other fractures, we are constantly into a process of upgradation.

Our products are upgraded and we never stop our research and development process, as we understand it is never enough in orthopedic surgeries. Doctors and hospitals search for even better bone replacements and supports, and we proudly present our entire series of vividly designed multi-axial locking plates.

To never compromise with the quality of your medical and surgical tools, you must try the multi-axial locking plates. You will find out how they are helpful in all ways.

For all the multi axial locking plates:

Material: Titanium

Certificate: CE/ISO/GMP


Transportation: DHL/TNT/FedEx/Aramex/UPS etc.

Payment Term: T/T 100% in advance

Delivery time: 3-7days after we receive the payment

Advantage and characteristics:

  • Since 1958
  • CE approved factory
  • ISO 13485 certificated
  • 24 hours feedback
  • 2 hours replied


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