Spine system products are required in medicine for the treatment and surgical care of patients, who have deformity, disease, or injury in their spine due to accident, injury, inflammation, disease or other reasons, like behavioral, lifestyle, or birth related defects. There may be many reasons for spinal atrophy. Such problems can be solved with the help of our high quality spinal orthopedic products.


These products are made with extreme detailing and high quality with corrosion resistant to function in the body with total biocompatibility. We sell spine system products as well as spine system tools and machines that can help in surgical care during critical spinal treatments.


Our lineup of spine system solutions include power drill and saw system, multi-axial locking plate, external fixators, and the spine system. While some are essential tools for spine surgery and fitting of the supporting system, some are prosthetics or biomechanical external support devices, which can help bring back the rhythm in natural spinal movement.


Therefore, our constant endeavor is in enhancing the product qualities with continuous research under our R&D team. So that, your hospital or team of doctors gets the best spinal care devices to carry out the treatment and bring smile on to your patients’ faces.


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